Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Journey: Pro Ana

Hie My name is serena... have been reading alot about pro ana and mia, Ofcourse following it too...
Ana is my best friend just like everyone else's... Oh i forgot to mention im 5.9"  Tall, and my Goal weight is 132 pounds..
I have read alot and followed alot, Now its time to implement and reach my Goal weight by june 1st 2012...

I am starting fasting From 10th March 2012, and tomm the 8th and the 9th march ill be consuming 300 calories each day... Since tomm there is a festival i wont be able to do much but ill make sure i just cope up with 300 calories...
So girls lets begin... Anyone whos new in the Ana race and wants to reach their Goal weight can Follow me..
No hurtful comments Please!

Lets help each other reach our Goal weights ( I was in depression for a while thats how i reached the weight so high, Now i wanna be back to myself and i know its hard But im loving The new Me.

I just love being hungry, the feeling of no food for days is just superb. I dont like to eat food anymore till i reach my G.W And here are my weekly Targets Pls join me if u wanna loose weight along with me :)

10th March -No food at all, will have two cups of tea with skimmed milk without sugar in the entire day, since i work i need that Two cups anyhow :)

11th March- 2 cups of Tea, calories below 300.

12th march- FASTING (WITH TEA)

13th March- Under 400 calories (To avoid fainting)

Ill update everyday... Lets see how we cope up with this starting 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and the 12th :)

Thank You everyone i need your support :)



  1. Hey, how is your fast going?
    I have been fruit fasting, it works well.
    Check out my blog?
    Alice xx

  2. Hey, ive been doin really well, thanks, i do need alot of support to reach my GW..

  3. Add me to BBM ill be an ana buddy to anyone to motivate or fast with. My pin is 28461D46

  4. 2A524ED9 add me to a pro ana group someone?:')